Do you often think your dream of starting a career in machine learning is unrealisable?

So, you’ve finally decided to learn and/or start a career in machine learning.? Great decision!

Dream, we are all told, is all we need to fulfil our goals. But not all dreams come to fruition.

Dreams and ambitions do die.

Do you feel paralyzed by looking at the tons of information and technical requirements needed to get your desire fulfilled?

You are never alone.

Setting out for a fulfilling journey into a machine learning career can be a daunting task! But fulfilling your dream of starting a machine learning career doesn’t have to be hard or unnecessarily complex.

This online machine learning resource and platform will focus on helping machine learning career staters develop actionable strategies towards achieving their goals.

…but wait!

We all know that the availability of information does not necessarily translate into taking action. Having a lot of information available without a clear strategy on how to dimension them can be paralyzing!

Knowing what to do is not enough. You must know how to start.

Starting strong requires being able to properly dissect information and manage its application process.

This platform will help you to keep moving!

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash

In the journey of transitioning into a machine learning career, we all begin not knowing what exactly we are doing or where we are heading to. But we kept and still keep forging ahead.

Yes, we keep moving. That’s the point!

That’s exactly what I want to achieve in this blog-to get you moving!

Knowing where to start when you finally decided to pursue your dream of becoming a machine learning developer can be challenging.

But giving up on your dream is, indeed, not the way to go. 

Starting isn’t that difficult, but consistency is the rule of the game. So, stay put.

I want to inspire you to stay put.

I want to help you succeed.

I want to share my experience and knowledge to guide you through the journey.

Let’s learn, apply and growth together.

The first thing you would want to know as a starter is how to get started. You are interested in understanding how to dive into a machine learning career and find fulfilment and success along the way.

Well, this might sound simple. But you know it’s not that simple.

Actualizing this dream requires consistent motivation, shared experiences, dedication and choices based on a structured learning path.

I can help in filling this gap. I can help in providing needed encouragement and resources for you to help them start and grow strong.

Let Me Inspire You. Let’s Learn, Apply and Growth Together.

I know what starters face because I have been there before.

Because of the huge amount of time wasted in deciding and launching into the machine learning field, I feel compelled to create a learning platform that provides a simpler and structured path for the newbies.

Everything Machine Learning: why this platform?

Here Are A Few Cool Things To Know About this platform

#1. A Dedicated machine learning platform for career beginners

We can all attest to the fact that the most challenging part of starting a career in machine learning isn’t the seemingly overwhelming technical details, rather it’s deciding where and how to start! It’s a lack of strategy.

#2. Holistic resources entirely dedicated to learning and starting a career in machine learning with a focus on starter and transitioners.

Learn simple and structured approaches to fulfilling your career dream.

Explore practical tips, tutorials and other resources to start a fulfilling journey into a machine learning career path.

But How Do I Get Involved?

  • Read, watch, subscribe, share and comment on our blogs.
  • You can directly contribute by telling us your stories and practical experiences that we all can learn from.
  • You can also guest-post on any area of keen interest to you. Your post will be featured on this blog.

Let Me Hear From You. Let’s Start The Journey together!

Here are the ultimate resources for you to start with:

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  5. Start Here With Machine Learning: A Beginner-Friendly Step-By-Step Procedure
  6. 7 Costly Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting A Machine Learning Career (plus tips on how to avoid them).
  7. A Complete Guide To Learning Machine Learning In Your Spare Time: An enthusiast’s approach
  8. 5 Key Most In-Demand Soft Skill Sets You Need to Develop as a Machine Learning Career Starter
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