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Hi, I’m Olusegun.


Getting through machine learning wasn’t easy for me when I started out. I wasted a lot of time and resources getting a grip on what really matters. This doesn’t need to be your story!



I Almost Gave Up!

Because of the huge amount of time  I wasted in launching into the machine learning field, I feel compelled to create a learning platform that provides a simpler and more structured path for the newbies.


I know what starters face when starting with machine learning because I have been there. At a point in my learning journey, I actually stopped pursuing the goal.


As much as I wanted to learn and start building projects, it took me a while to understand that all I needed was a clear strategy-the one that encapsulates a clear and structured learning pattern.



Just Like You, I Fell In Love With Machine Learning. And I Knew It!



The first thing every machine learning starter would want to know is how to get started, dive into practical use cases and find fulfilment and success along the way.


Yeah, I know this might sound simple. But guess what? It isn’t as simple as it looks.


Despite the challenges that often follow learning machine learning, the truth is, you don’t have to be a genius in statistics or coding before you excel in machine learning.


The learning approach and strategy you adopt will always be a vital factor in determining whether you succeed or not.


Actualizing a machine learning career dream, therefore, requires consistent motivation, dedication and choices based on a well-structured learning pattern.



Let Me Inspire You. Let’s Learn, Apply And Grow Together.


Even though it was tough in the beginning, I did not run from the challenge. I stuck to my vision. And you can do it too! You can learn from my knowledge, ideas and experience.


On this platform, I provide needed encouragement, tips and resources for machine learning starters to help them start and grow strong.


This platform makes it easy for ambitious machine learning starter who wants to learn machine learning, build machine learning projects and develop a winning portfolio.



What Does Everything Machine Learning (EML) Mean For You?



  • Holistic resource entirely dedicated to machine learning with a focus on starter and transitioners.
  • Simple and structured approaches to fulfilling your career dream. Explore practical tips, tutorials and other resources to start a fulfilling journey into the machine learning career path.
  • An easy-to-access solution platform.
  • A community of beginners growing together.



So, How Do You Get Involved?



  • Read, subscribe, share and comment on our blogs and other contents.
  • You can directly contribute by telling us your stories and practical experiences that we all can learn from.
  • You can also guest-post on any machine learning topic of keen interest to you. Your post will be featured on this blog.
  • Join the community. Start your machine learning career from here. Get even more resources to help you succeed.



On A Final Note…



Learning machine learning effectively takes some efforts and strategies too.


It doesn’t matter how difficult it might look, if you approach it with a clear mindset you will always learn faster than you ever expected!


As you challenge yourself to go deeper and move higher in machine learning, I have carefully selected the following resources to help you learn better and grow faster:


  1. How To Start A Career In Machine Learning: A Complete Guide To Career Transition.
  2. How To Learn Machine Learning The Self-Starter Way: Complete Guide.
  3. Reasons You Don’t Need to Learn Machine Learning (and what to do instead).
  4. 10 Interesting Project Ideas to Prepare You for Machine Learning Role.
  5. Start Here With Machine Learning: A Beginner-Friendly Step-By-Step Procedure
  6. 7 Costly Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting A Machine Learning Career (plus tips on how to avoid them).
  7. A Complete Guide To Learning Machine Learning In Your Spare Time: An enthusiast’s approach
  8. 5 Key Most In-Demand Soft Skill Sets You Need to Develop as a Machine Learning Career Starter
  9. How To Build A Compelling And Winning Machine Learning Portfolio That Will Get You That Job.

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